Multi-purpose monitoring complex (UKMP)

Measured parameters:

  1. Actual coordinates of the monitoring complex (via GLONASS and GPS);
  2. Temperature of a controllable object (non-contact measurement);
  3. Concentration of chemically-dangerous substances, gases, gas mixtures;
  4. Air temperature;
  5. Atmospheric pressure;
  6. Air humidity ;
  7. Wind direction and wind velocity ;
  8. Precipitation level ;
  9. Video from a controllable site;
  10. Reagents concentration on a surface of the controllable object (non-contact measurement, will be introduced till September, 2010);
  11. Spectra of the controllable object self-fluctuations (will be introduced till December, 2010).

Operational characteristics:

Data transmissions intervals:
5 minutes (adjusted)

Data transmission:

Operational temperature:
-40 ..+65 C

Suite of sensors:
every typees of sensors can de added

not limited

Autonom working atfer power line witching-off
7 hours (battery was fully charged)

Diploma from "Integerated safety & security exhibition" for the Multi-purpose monitoring complex (UKMP)

In-site monitoring complex (UKMP-A - Road Station):

Mobil monitoring complex (UKMP-M):